Kelly Falsey

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Robin is always right on point very easy to talk to and generally cares about how you are. Recommend her to anyone looking for answers or guidance.at's this item about? ..

Pam york

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5 months ago-

I meet Robin several years ago during one of the most difficult and challenging times in my life. Robin is not only extremely accurate and gifted but her delivery is always empathetic which allows me to absorb the information and gain new insight and grow spiritually moving forward with my life. I still talk to Robin as I face new challenges because I know the information that she gives me during readings is always accurate and comes from a higher power allowing to see situations from a new perspective.

Nicholina Devine

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Robin shares her gifts generously with anyone that chooses to stand in ones' power to ask the question(s). She meets people where they are at in their lives, which makes her approachable and offers her open heart to share, with clear connection to the unseen realms of Spirit, including ones' Higher Self for messages to help us in our journey.
Robin is an accurate intuitive guide, that I have confirmed over and over again from my sessions with her. I have been a client of Robin's for a few years, and she has always shown up for me when I have needed clear, objective, guidance from Spirit, and a gentle Mother's touch of empathy.
Robin has provided encouragement and support when my emotions, ego, or unconscious mind patterns appeared to cloud my clarity to discern through the plethora of possibilities of any situation that has concerned me.
She has a strong nurturing aspect to her compassion that is deeply caring, warm and comforting in the midst of delivering very clear, detailed and accurate information that is sometimes exciting, and sometimes uncomfortable. Either way,
Robin is loyal to her gifts, as well as her clients.
I have benefited greatly by Robin's divine insights and communications from Spirit, and recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in making the best decision(s) possible, as well as empowering ones' self worth. I have experienced less build-up of stress because of the bigger picture that Robin has provided for me to expand my own limitations.

Heather Brill- lehn

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I met Robin almost two full years ago. She has become a wonderful friend and confidant. She's always spot on and gives great advice. She zeroed in immediately on past issues that I thought I had buried deep and I needed to get through to stop blocking myself. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting or needing clarity and advice. You won't regret it at all!

4- months ago

Julie Golas

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I had a really incredible reading by Robin last week. She was so accurate when describing my past and present life experiences. I felt like she knew my son personally and described my relationship with my husband to the tee. Robin really makes you feel comfortable and loved.She is truly passionate about her intuitive abilities and it shines through in her readings,You will not be disappointed.

3 years ago

Lynn Howe

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Robin Auger is one of the most gifted, accurate psychics who provides excellent life guidance. 
With a pure heart and open medium, she is integral, caring and spiritually accurate with each reading... 
Robin has helped me tremendously as I've tried to get through some difficult life situations ... providing me insight that made my own growth and transitions more understandable and less traumatic. 
I was skeptical before my first reading with Robin where she told me my youngest daughter was expecting her first child, which it had never been discussed and 4 weeks later, it was announced to everyone in the family. 
Her gifts are many and she doesn't require tools.. she is an open reader. 
You can get a hold of Robin at www.DivinePsychicInsight.com

3 years ago


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I was really pleased by speak with Robin on the phone yesterday, as she provided a very insightful and sincere reading. 
I've been struggling to understand a situation that has unfolded in front of me over the last few months. Robin very quickly to picked up on what was happening around me and provide guidance for me to help me understand.
Thank you so much, I really appreciated our chat and the comfort you brought. I would recommend you to anyone. 

2 years ago


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Robin read me quite wonderfully..her accuracy on the situation was amazing and she gave me such amazing advice and peace of mind..and just made me look forward to the future..she is a wonderful psychic and I'd recommend her to anyone! She not only gave me some great predictions but also gave me insight that was priceless and made me realize it all starts with loving myself first..Thank you robin for a fantastic reading and for changing my life for the better! Thank you thank you thank you for sharing your amazing ability with me and giving me a chance to talk to Tyler again! God bless you and I look forward to our next reading! So grateful to have talked to you tonight!:)..Xoxo

Cindy Miller

Robin is amazing. She read my situation without one word from me 100% accurately. Gave wonderful encouragement on how to continue dealing with my situation and made me very hopeful for the future career wise! A really wonderful read.. I will most definitely stay in contact!

2 years ago


Lincoln Ca

Robin is always so helpful and her messages are very accurate. I feel more peaceful about my life when I talk to her. She explains everything carefully so I can think about the information and use it for my highest good. She is not just a reader, but also a friend. ❤ell people more about this item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own, click here > Add & Manage Items.

Amy Jarman

Folsom Ca

Robin is like the great aunt with wise advice you tell all your secrets to. She is kind, funny, honestly disarming and steadfastly professional.

In addition- her abilities, talents, and otherwise "sixth sense" is so profound. She is so accurate in her readings; everything she said would unfold DID. She has also helped me grow as a person, change bad habits, continue in ascension and discontinue negative self talk. She has coached me in my life, shared her wisdom and humor. I so appreciate robin, and am grateful that our paths crossed. 

5 months ago


City, State

Robin is truly gifted and has a huge heart and beautiful soul. I believe and trust in her a great deal. I only knew one other person like that (minus the psychic abilities) who was beautiful inside and out and that was my one and only best friend who has since passed on). Robin listens to you, answers all your questions to the fullest and then provides detailed information and ways to help you through whatever issues you may be going through. She guides you and you feel her energy radiate through which is warm and loving. I've been coming to her now for several months and she helps keep me grounded and/or headed in the right direction. I tend to get side tracked every now and then and she tends to steer me back on the straight and narrow so to speak. I'm very fortunate to have met this woman and believe me you don't meet people of this caliber everyday - infact people such as herself are a rare breed. Anyway, I just want to say if you haven't tried her please do she wont give you false hopes and/or mislead you in anyway. She will tell you what she sees and so much more. Thank you Robin for sharing yourself and your gifts with me. You came through yet again and helped me! Bless you my sweet friend and may god bless you (oh wait he already has (-=)

2 years ago

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