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Hi I'm Robin, I am a highly accurate and detailed Psychic Intuitive Reader and  Certified Holistic  Life Coach. My style is straight forward and compassionate. I use no    tools other than what are God given. I am gifted  with Empathy   Clairvoyance, Clair-sentience, Clairaudiance, Clair cognizance, direct intuitiveness, and medium-ship alone with natural, trained and certified healing abilities. Through my experience's and use of my gifts during readigs I have fine tuned and acclimated with my abilities. Although, I am always being enlightened by new information and additions to them, as well as divine guidance and spirit. I have the ability to pick up the accurate thoughts of others.

Over the last 7 years I have worked with clients from all over the world via Phone & Skype, as well as in person in my home in Lincoln and a local store Everlasting Gifts in Roseville, CA. In addition, I have worked as a phone Psychic for California Psychics and Psychic Source - both are ranked at the top of online psychic websites.

                     DISCOVERING MY GIFTS


I always felt I had good intuitive abilities and as a teen even a little psychic, my friends seem to come to me  asking for advise but as I got busy having a family and working I had lost or forgotten that magical side of myself. One day about 7 years ago I purchased and was receiving a phone reading from a reputable Psychic line I use to call every so often. I had read with this particular reader twice before, each time I had this nagging feeling something was off with her.

The third time I finally asked "Are you okay?" she of course replied "Yes." Before I knew it I said "No you're not! You're worried you have cancer in your back and you're depressed." I could see the little flickering light inside her dimming. I had a knowing and asked her "if she'd been meditating?" and her answer was "No." I began to pick up  her thoughts and feel her emotions and expressed them to her. She said "Wow you were able to get really deep into my emotions, some of them I hadn't even brought to the surface myself yet, but you are correct." She then asked "Well do I?"

I asked her "Do you what?" She replied "Do I have cancer?" to which I replied "No cancer, but a chiropractor would help. Possibly getting an antidepressant prescribed and definitely meditation would help." She told me I should apply there and she was sure I'd be hired. She was adamant that using my gifts to help people was my life and career path. I did apply, and after two test reads was hired by California Psychics in 2009 beginning the start of my career as a professional psychic.